Essay with fictional insertions: The 1st quest - Into the quest; The 2nd quest - More into the quest: endnotes
Essay: Pin balls or cues line up - Effective society to engineer (a) (b) : Assets distribution game - Play and earn on cross-platforms: Critical…
Essay: Communal token society - Token society (a) (b) (c) - Bots efficiency community - Token Christianity: Endnote
Essay: views of galaxies via James-Webb or Time layer metaverse - quantum reality - politics and time - looking for engagement
Essay: crypto market- messiah cult - hidden fabrics: Endnote
Fiction: Aeria Alien - Part 2; Curio Store at the Gate City; To the Gate City
Fiction - Aeria Alien; Intermission - endnotes
Partial fiction memoir - Tranquillo Volumo: Fiction - Jack Lee crank handle episode: Critically hypothetical short essay - Ultimate advice for Juliette…
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