On Cessna Caravan landed by passenger on 5/10/22 in Florida Palm Beach: essay on Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden of the Forking Paths; Poem excerpt, I Saw Borges; Linkage to summarize in Note 6
Essay: absurdity and Kafkaesque space narrative; endnotes, Tale of dystopia and K
Essay: Writing à la carte; Frederick Douglass's 1ecture in 1851 - freedom speech
Noam Chomsky interview in Current Affairs on 4/13/2022; My study paper on atomic bombings; critical endnotes
Essay in English with critical poem in French; endnotes
Je suis la fatalité, ainsi dit Nietzsche dans son Ecce Homo
With a substack interview with Nietzsche by Juliette Masch; critical endnotes
Bilingual essay in French and English : critical endnotes
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Juliette Masch Writes